Here  We Go!    Part 1



Learn to Read with Starfall!

One of the best tools for beginning reading! Have fun and read!


Star Writing

Learn simple sight words.  Click on a word in the drop down menu, the word is written in stars. push a button and see if you read it correctly!

Clifford's Short Vowels

Help Clifford pick the vowel to make a new word!


Spelling Three Letter Words

Place the flag in the sandcastles to spell three letter words. 


  I Can Read

WOW! This is a great website from Scholastic. The narrator reads the sentence as each word lights up.  Then tells the student to find a word. 

Phoneme Practice!  Polish up on some family words and help Mr. Tree begin to bud his spring flowers!
Sight Words Galore

This is a great site to use for Dolch Sight Words. There are several levels and activities so students may need a little help to find the right spot.


Critter Jumble

Given a list of words, figure out which word has all those letters, click and drag letters to spell.