Mrs. Allen
School Counselor 
Grades K-3


The guidance office at Jefferson Elementary is open to students and parents during regular school hours.  Parents may schedule an appointment by calling  475-1871 

    • Parent Conferencing
    • Developmental Classroom Guidance
    • Individualized Student Conferencing
    • Small Group Counseling
    • Academic and Ability Assessment
    • Consult with Teachers, Administrators, and School Support Personal
    • Gifted identification program
    • S-Team chairperson (support team)

The role of the elementary counselor is to guide, advise, recommend, consult, and assist with the near limitless variety of concerns that students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community at large may have.  Specifically, the thrust of the counseling program is defined by three major goals: 

             1.  To assist students with personal and academic concerns such as coping with stress,
             learning to study, and behaving appropriately in class. 

             2.  To help students develop educational and career decision-making skills
             including knowing how to make decisions, developing individual interests and
             abilities, and learning about job and careers. 

             3.  To aid students in developing interpersonal skills such as resolving conflicts,
             communicating with others and understanding how their behavior affects others. 

         Guidance services are provided by counselors through individual and /or small group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, appointments with parents, and discussions with teachers.  The elementary guidance program focuses on identifying and teaching student those skills that are appropriate for their age that will help them successfully solve problems. 
         Counseling offers a means for the student to grow in knowledge of self and others, thus
    enabling the student to develop a sense of responsibility needed to live effectively in today's world.  The counselors' functions are varied as they help students better understand themselves in the world around them and be more receptive to learning in the classroom. 

     Kindergarten and Grade 1: Understanding of Self 

     The primary task during this transitional period is to build a positive self-concept that enables
    children to feel comfortable in leaving the security of  home for a new environment. 

    Grades 2 and 3:  Learning to Get Along with Others 

    In this next phase, children continue to develop their self-concept and move further from the influence of the family circle.  Building peer relationships and learning skills of tolerance and
    patience become relevant. 

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