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       PowerPoint Games           Save all PowerPoint games to your local computer.  Macros must be enable for games to work.   PowerPoint Presentations
Hillbilly Feud (Parts of Speech)   Parts of A Plot
Baseball Challenge (Parts of Speech)   Learning About Conversation
Third Grade Language Arts Jeopardy Game 1   Genre
Third Grade Language Arts Jeopardy Game 2   Grade 8 Practice Test
Academic Raceway 500 Telltale Heart   A Boy at War
Literary Elements DINGO see additional directions on first slide.   Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences
Academic Raceway Vocabulary & Context Clues (grade 8)   Commas, Semi-colon, and Colons
Hillbilly Feud - Parts of Speech   Commas, Semi-colon, and Colons with answers
Baseball Challenge Miscellaneous Lang. Arts grade 8   Pearl Harbor Resources
Jeopardy - Parts of Speech (grade 7)   Using to, too, and two, worksheet
Jeopardy - Literary Terms (grade 7)   The Turtle's Race with Beaver (spelling words)
I Have/Who Has (not a PowerPoint) Homophone game, directions to game   Compound Words (Anansi Goes Fishing - grade 2)
Spin and Spell ( grade 1)   Homophones (grade 2)
What Do I Want to Research (grade 1)   Sentence Type 1
    Sentence Type 2
    Select a Sentence
    Combining Sentences
    No Headache Homophones
    Listen Up - phonemes

instruction and pre-assessment, post -assessment

    R Controlled Vowels

instruction and pre-assessment, student cards, post-assessment

    Conquer the Word
    Fifth Grade Reading PowerPoints ( Elaine McBride)
    Question Word Wizard (Who, What, Where, Why, How), Lesson Plan, Worksheet, answers to worksheet                                     
    Road to Research, lesson plan, post assessment, answers to post assessment, Christmas Around the World research idea
    Main Idea and Supporting Details (grade 3), Main Idea worksheet
    Types of Sentences  (grade 3),Types of Sentences worksheet
    Reference Materials  (grade 3), Using Reference Materials activity
    A Notebook for there, their, they're, worksheet
    Phone Home to Homophones (grade1), pre/post assessment, game, directions to game
    Narrow the Topic
    Gathering and Recording Information, links for general research
    Write and Publish, report rubric
    Picture This - Main Idea in a Visual Image
    Thinking Deeper - Drawing Conclusions from Text
    Play Ball - analogies
    A Pig's Tale - Making Connections









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