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PowerPoint Games should be downloaded to the local computer.  If asked to enable macros, the macros must be enabled for the games to function.   Geometrically Speaking Crossword puzzle
Medieval Millions Math   Division with Integer Answers
using divisors between 1 and 10
Academic Vocabulary  Sports Challenge (5th grade)   Math terms word scramble
Chalkboard Challenge Math Review grade5   Number patterns and sequences worksheet
Are You Smarter than the TCAP Test? (4th grade)   Telling Time worksheet  Answers
Twenty Questions 4th Grade Math Terms   Telling Time II worksheet Answers
Place the Numbers in the Correct Order   Round to Nearest Ten worksheet  Answers
Math Happy Game (1st grade)   Round to Nearest Hundred wkst  Answers
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader - Math Review   Math vocabulary Crossword     Answers
    Finding Averages worksheet  Answers

PowerPoint Presentations

  Percentages worksheet
Subtraction with Regrouping   Find the Missing Number worksheet  Answers
Subtraction Across a Zero   Odds and Evens worksheet  Answers
Liquid Measurements   Adding two digit numbers worksheet (grade 2)
Common Abbreviations   Problem solving worksheet (grade 2)
Making Money (grade 2)   Capacity Review ( grade 3)
Transivity (grade 2)   Capacity worksheet ( grade 3)
    Commutative and Associative Properties worksheet
    Distributive Property Worksheet ( grade 3)
    Math Word Problems ( grade 3)
    Math Word Problems 2 ( grade 3)
    Measuring Capacity ( grade 3)
    Metric Conversions ( grade 3)
    Multiplication worksheet ( grade 3)
    Thinking Mathematically ( grade 3)
    Comparing Decimals worksheet  Answers


  Whole number worksheet
    Math Operations Word Find
    Algebra Word Find
    Word Find for Time and Money
    Word Jumble for Fractions
    Put Your Best Foot Forward - measuring with non-standard units
    Even Numbers Worksheet (grade 1)
    Odd Numbers Worksheet (grade 1)
    Lesson Plans & lesson ideas
    Commutative Property ( grade 3)
    Introduction to Measurement ( grade 3)
    Math and Literature ( grade 3)
    Mathematical Conjecture ( grade 3)
    multiplication lesson ideas ( grade 3)
    Polygons ( grade 3)
    Units of Measurement ( grade 3)
    Adding two digit numbers (grade 2)
    Subtracting two digit number (grade 2)
    Part-Whole Relationships (grade 1)