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Sunken Millions - Weather Conditions Butterfly Lifecycle
TIC TAC KNOW - Water Cycle Biomes
Biomes Jeopardy Symbiotic Relationships
TIC TAC KNOW - Kingdoms Animal Habitats (grade 1)
Sunken Millions - Animals Three Types of Rocks (grade 2)

Sunken Millions - Water

Force and Motion (grade 4), force and motion worksheet, answers

Fifth grade Life Science Jeopardy

Scientific Notebook template

Landforms - board game                     questions 1 - 10          questions 11 - 20

Heat Conducting Materials, pre-assessment, pre-assessment answers, assessment, assessment answers, additional activities

Tools, Technologies and Inventions ( grade 5) Invention Investigations

Match Game for renewable and non-renewable resources directions, non-renewable cards, renewable cards Inventions (grade 3), KWL chart for inventions, pre-assessment, assessment, assessment answersinventions worksheet inventions worksheet answers, Marble maze project
Rocks game cards  
Baby Animals Game  

Simple machines

  The Earth
  Save the Earth
  Educational Podcasts       To access podcast, right click on the title and "Save Target As" Marble maze project, student self evaluation scoring sheet, teacher scoring sheet
  Baby animal and Parents  (Kindergarten)
   Planet Roll Call            worksheet Temperature (Kindergarten)
   Weather            water cycle diagram Classroom temperature chart (Kindergarten)

The Circulatory System

School Temperatures (Kindergarten)
  Fall Leaves (Kindergarten)
  Daily weather (Kindergarten)

Invention Investigations

  Designing an Invention Project (grade 1)
  Lever Experiment (grade 1)
  Plant Experiment (grade 1)

Mineral Chart


Lesson Plans/Units

  Sounds, sound recording worksheet, answers
  Rocks, background for teachers
  Black Bear Lesson (grade 1)
  Butterfly Webquest
  Unfamiliar Science Vocabulary (grade 1)
  Magnificent Magnets (grade 1)
  Sorting Objects (grade 1)
  Stars (grade 1)





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