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Technology Project 2006-2007

Math/Science Integration – The STEM that Bridges!

(STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)


Representative teachers from grades 3 -9 are divided into two groups: Group I includes grades 3-6 and Group II includes grades 7-9. 


The goal of the project is to produce math/science/technology integrated units for use in each of the various instruction levels.  The units will be published on the Jefferson County Schools webpage for use county-wide and globally. 


Instruction will take place on six days with the following objectives:


1.      Teachers will be given an introduction to the program (goals and objectives) and to the CD “Tools for the Next Generation for Standard-Based Teaching.”


2.      Teachers will be introduced to grade level appropriate calculators, special functions of the calculators, and software.


3.      Teachers will be introduced to inquiry and the need for incorporation into the unit.   


4.      Teachers will have time to continue working on unit and lesson plans as well as time to explore the Internet for great websites. 


5.      Teachers will be introduced to WebQuests and the basic components of a WebQuest.  Teachers will create a WebQuest for their unit.


6.      Teachers will explore different types of assessment and determine the types of assessment to be used for the unit.


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Goals and Objectives

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