Creating A Substitute Teacher Packet

Start with a sample Sub Packet or
A "fill-in-the-blank" Substitute Teacher Information Packet is available online.

Possible items to include:

  1. List of students in class(es).   Star students who could be trusted as helpers for the sub.  The class roll can be printed through Gradebook Plus and  seating chart(s).

  2. Description of Class Routines   Beginning of the day routines, how attendance is taken or collected, how students line up or when it is appropriate to let students go to the bathroom, hall pass info, where or how student work is collected, dismissal routines, Copy Machine Information stating where the copy machine is, and any code they may need to know in order to use it.

  3. Teacher's schedule  Provide a class period schedule of each class taught and any extra duty assignments.  Give directions so subs can locate any necessary rooms.  Provide  information as to what is expected during extra duty assignment. 

  4. Class Rules  If students were provided with a handout at the beginning of the year, put this in the substitute folder. 

  5. Classroom Management Ideas:   

    In the packet include copies of the Behavior Form.  Inform substitute to complete the form and put on any disruptive student's desk stating that the form will be disposed of at the end of the class (or day) if the student's behavior improves.

    Write Recess or Break on the board and erase one letter each time the class is disorderly.  
  6. Organization  Provide a places for subs to write in absences, discipline problems, and comments.

  7. School Policies  Include a copy of student/ teacher handbook.  This would provide  information like the school discipline policy, lunch room rules, playground rules, fire drills, other drills, early dismissal, tardy procedure, student computer and Internet usage policies, and extra duty descriptions.

  8. Emergency Lesson Plans Choose and print a grade level/subject area appropriate lesson plan for the substitute's folder.  Suggested Sites:  The Lesson Plans Page, AskERIC Lesson Plans, The Lesson Plan Library, Teachers.Net - LESSON PLANS The Gateway to Educational MaterialsThe Academy Core Knowledge,

  9. Extra Time Fillers  Select a few activities that can be used the fill in time gaps.

  10. Substitute Teacher Tips  Select a few tips from the online resource