Lesson Title:            Simple Machines: The Lever



What are the basic elements of this lesson and what is its purpose?

Provide an overview for this lesson here.

To inform students about the simple machine: “The Lever”


After the lesson students should be able to give a detailed explanation of what a lever is.  They should be able to identify and explain the three classes of levers and their parts, and recognize levers in which they use in everyday life.  


Recognize simple machines (i.e., inclined plane, lever, and pulley)



Students will be evaluated on their participation and their proper identification of levers.   


Opening the Lesson:
_5_ minutes

Explain how pulling a stubborn weed out of the ground would be very difficult, but if you used a hand shovel (WHICH IS A LEVER) the job would be much easier!!

Developing the Lesson:
_15_ minutes

Power point presentation:   Simple Machines – The Lever

Closing the Lesson:
_20_ minutes

After the lesson students will be asked to read a short comic story and identify all of the “levers” in the story.   After discussing the assigned reading the students will be given five minutes to complete a scavenger hunt around the room and identify all of the levers they see. 


What materials, equipment, and supplies will be needed to implement the lesson?

Enter resources needed to implement the lesson here.

Computer and a presentation device for PowerPoint presentation



Comic strip handouts


There are no safety concerns.


If a student finds this lesson to be difficult, they can be allowed to work in groups.


What activities can be used for enrichment? 





What is it all about? Well a lever consists of three parts; a fulcrum (the point about which the lever pivots or turns), the load (the part you are trying to move) and the effort or force you are using to move it. Levers allow you to move a large load with a small effort. The further the effort is from the fulcrum, the easier a lever is to move so in general long levers are more useful. In most cases levers help you to turn a small force into a much larger one.



Spot the Levers!!!!!!...........







“Nice work, Force” grinned Detective Inspector Fulcrum leaning on the door handle. Force pivoted. “And you even brought a wheelbarrow with you to load the swag”. He chuckled. “All that effort…”  





There was a dull Crack! as the crowbar pried its way through the locked door. The door swung open. Freddie ‘Fingers’ Force had done it again. Quickly he took out a pair of scissors and snipped out the photo from the document lying on the table. Using the tweezers from his pocket he picked it up and laid it over a clean sheet of paper. He looked around for the stapler and attached it. 







“Wait just one moment Fulcrum. Look at this.” growled Force, stretching out his arm and extending the photo. Fulcrum turned. “It’s Lenny ‘The Spring’ Load! I thought he was in for a long stretch?” No. He was sprung last week – inside job – he was catapulted over the prison wall using a seesaw”. Force nonchalantly opened a coke with his bottle opener. “Of course I know where he’s hanging out… that plce on the other side of the river - The Claw Hammer and Tongs”

Fulcrum pondered “So between us we could nail him. This time Load’s going down for good. I can see the headlines now…








Did you spot all the levers????????????????