Prehistoric Tools
The Conclusion

While walking through a field on the banks of a river in East Tennessee, you have found a stone with a rather strange shape. It is unlike anything you have found before. Your imagination kicks in and you begin to wonder where it came from. Could space aliens have left it here on a visit from another planet? Is it the remains from a building of some kind? Or maybe……just maybe….. it has been left by humans from a long time ago. Maybe it is PREHISTORIC!

The Task

To identify your “mystery stone,” you need to know something about prehistoric man and the tools with which he worked. By investigating suggested web resources, you will learn information to help you make an educated guess to solve the mystery of your find.


Use the web resources provided to answer the questions on the worksheet. From your research, you will make an educated guess as the purpose of your "mystery stone."


You will write a short paragraph identifying your "mystery stone," including how you arrived at your conclusion.  

Email your teacher the results of your research.