Prehistoric Tools Worksheet








1.  What is meant by the term ‘Prehistory’?





2.  Human prehistory is classified into what three consecutive time periods?





3.  What is the basis for the names of these three time periods?





4.  Name 5 prehistoric tools, draw a sketch of each, and describe their uses.

    (Use separate sheet of paper)






5.  What do we mean by ‘Hunter – Gatherer’?







6.  During the Stone Age period, what stone was commonly used for making early tools?





7.  After watching the video ‘The Encarta Video on Stone – Tool Making’, list the name given to a skilled tool maker.





8.  About when did the Stone Age begin and end in the Americas?  How many years did it last? If your mystery stone was used in the middle of the Stone Age, how old is it now?





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