Night Reader Program
This read-at-home program encourages you as the parent to get involved with your child and that all important skill of reading.  Please read to your child every chance you have.  Read road signs in the car while driving, signs on sides of trucks and store headings as you pass by.  Model for your child by reading the newspaper or magazines at home.  Set aside some time each week for family "silent reading".  This helps your child understand the importance of reading in our every challenging society.

There are several variations of a night reader program.  Information about "reading to your child" should be sent home to parents as a guide.   A folder can be created to assist students and their parent in the transfer of books from school to home and back.  Versions are available in both English and Spanish for each component: Folder cover-English or Spanish; School to Home letter-English or Spanish; and helpful hints-English or Spanish.

Some schools have a reading incentive program called Night Reader.  Your child can earn a book of their choice when they turn in a completed reading sheet.  Each sheet must contain 15 books read before it is submitted to the classroom teacher.  At the end of each school month, two students from each grade level will be selected from the reading slips to celebrate with a special activity.

This program also works hand in hand with the Pizza Hut Book-It Program.  During the months of October -March each year, Pizza Hut offers a pizza coupon for completed reading sheets.  When your child turns in their reading sheet for these months, the classroom teacher will complete the pizza coupon, and you and your child can redeem the coupon for an individual size pizza at our local Pizza Hut.  A classroom chart will be displayed for your child to watch his/her reading progress.  This encourages each child to get involved!

At the close of the school year, each child who has accomplished the grade level goal for reading (kindergarten is 15 sheets), will be rewarded with a special reading T-shirt!