December Curriculum




Children Around the World

Numbers 6-12

Language Arts
Print own first and last name
Use vocabulary necessary to describe self (Address, Birth Date and Telephone Number)
Describe and interpret contents of a picture
Identify uppercase letters
Begin to develop an understanding of and respect for multicultural and ethnic diversity in language use, patterns, and dialects
Perform a task by following simple oral directions

Identify equivalent sets 6-10 by one-to-one correspondence

Social Studies
Recognize individuals learn to do things from their culture
Understand some differences among people are a result of their culture
Be aware every culture has a family unit which determines the way families do things
Understand people need shelter and shelters differ according to the culture and the environment
Be aware of the contributions of different cultures and their interdependence
Be aware of similarities and differences of food, clothes, homes, modes of transportation, games and families in different cultures
Identify communities where students live

Visual Arts
Identify the art created by people from different cultures