February Curriculum


Groundhog Day

Dental Health (First week in February)

Presidents - Lincoln/Washington

Our Country/State


Valentine's Day




Moon and Space Travel

100 Day Celebration

Healthy Heart

Five Senses

Language Arts
Listen to predict outcomes or identify sequence
Identify lowercase letters

Classify objects by common attributes
Be aware of the concept of infinity (Ex: stars, miles, etc.)
Identify whole and half (fractional parts)
 Identify one-half of a pictured object
Explain a variety of techniques for representing and organizing data such as arrays of physical objects (tallies, pictographs and bar graphs)
Use estimation of objects to count to 100

Social Studies
Recognize that a person born into a country is a citizen of that country
Describe what the US Constitution is and why it is important
Recognize important sites and symbols of our state (Rocky Top, Nashville, mockingbird, flag, tulip poplar, ladybug, purple iris, etc.)
Recognize important sites and symbols of our country (Washington, D.C., eagle, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Star-Spangled Banner, Flag, White House, etc.)

Recognize there are different kinds and sources of sound
Recognize the basic properties of sound
Identify the body part associated with the sensory system
Understand humans experience the world through their senses
Realize that a pushing or pulling force may alter the path of a moving object

Identify health helpers and their roles in the community (Ex: Anne Sullivan-hand signs for Helen Keller)
Understand individual responsibilities in promoting good health practices and the consequences of poor practices
Identify the five senses and match the body parts with each other
Realize that exercise affects heart rate and respiratory rate
Identify the importance of regular dental checkups
Recognize the importance of personal responsibility of caring for our teeth

Visual Arts
Describe the surface of an object in terms of rough, sticky, bumpy or smooth textural qualities

Recognize the presence and absence of sound
Recognize and reproduce long and short sounds vocally and with classroom instruments
Recognize the differences between loud and soft dynamics