Make a connection!

Our Students Respond:

winndixie"Because of Winn Dixie" by Kate Dicamillo

The author said, " Don't lose your dogs.  Keep you dog safe.  Pets can be scared of storms."  The author said alot about dogs. She also said that Gloria Dump wasn't a witch.  Otis in the pet store was a criminal.  I have the same dog.  My daddy is a preacher.  Dad is nice.  If mom disappeared, it would be sad.  This book reminds me of other books about dogs.  I read another book about dogs, it was a chapter book.  this book reminds me that people aren't always what you think.  -2nd Grade Class response

3rd Graders Respond:

A Winn Dixie ran away and they found her.  My dog ran away and we found him. -Taylor

Opal found a stray dog.  One time I found a dog. -Summer

She found Winn Dixie at a store  When Cora and me were outside, we found a dog. -Mica

Ople moved and found an abandoned dog.  My dad is also a preacher, and I found an abandoned dog.  In the story the looked for Winn-Dixie.  "In 101 Dalmations", they looked for dogs.  In the end, Ople moved to Florida.  I might move to Florida. -Evan

Opal found Winn-dixie.  Once, when my stepdad  lived in a subdivision, a yellow dog showed up on our porch. -Hannah

They could not find Winn-Dixie.  I couldn't find my dog one time. -John

The author said that she lost her dog.  I've lost my dog before. -Tiffany

Ople found a dog.  I found a stray dog. -Dustin

Then there was a storm, they thought that Winn-Dixie ran away.  I have a dog and it ran away. -David

India Ople lost her dog outside.  That happened to me.  My dog got lost. -Jessica

clickclackmoo"Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type" by Doreen Cronin

Farmer Brown wrote a letter on his typewriter.  This reminds me of another book that I've read about Farmer Brown goind on vacation and leaving a note for Duck.  A guy threw 7 boxes of pizza away. -Leo

The author said that he wrote a note.  I've read this book at the library. -Jesse

The author said, "Give us blankets or no milk!"  I told my sister before, " Give me my toy or I will take your blankie!" - Mikie

Kindergarten students said:

The cows went on strike 'till they got electric blankets.  Duck was a neutral party in this story.  This reminds us of another story, "Duck for President."  The author said that none of them could understand, "Moo." -Class comments

I stopped acting like a baby until I got a kitty.  -Zoee
I wouldn't clean my room until I got a puppy. -Matthew
Sometimes I don't understand other people when they talk. -Nicole

penguins"Penguins" by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld

Penquins swim for fish call krill.  I swim like penguins, but I don't go look for fish.  Penguins waddle acrss ice and snow on their short legs.  This book reminded me that snow bears walk across the ice slowly.  New penguins are ready for their life!  When babies are born, they are ready for the world. -Austin

shadows "Shadows" by Carolyn B. Otto
Everytime you move your shadow comes with you.  When I move, I see my shadow, too.  If the sun shines in front of you, your shadow will be behing you.  the artist drew a shadow behind a person when they were facing the sun.  When the moon is near the earth, it makes a shadow on Earth.  I'm in the shadow sometimes. -Austin

There are shadows everywhere.  There are shadows all over the world at different times.  I have a shadow. -Tabitha

Shadows are always there.  I'm not always where you might expect me to be.  -Steve

Your hand gets shined on not through.  I'm not invisible.  You can make shadows big or small.  The farther away from the sun you are, the smaller the shadow is. -Dustin

spider"Spiders" by Cariline Biotoe

The author said that spiders can live a house.  I live in a house. -Tabitha

Spiders live all over the world.  My family is spread all over the world.  Spiders might live in your house.  The spider caught a grasshopper in her web.   I got a mouse in a trap. -Megan

aquarium"Ocean Life" by Brenda Z. Gilberson

70 percent of the ocean is covered by water.  When I grow up, I want to be a marine biologist.  Strange amazing fish live in the ocean.  Blue whales grow fast.  Blue whales are the biggest creature in the ocean. -Megan

skeleton"Skeletons" by Lily Wood
Newborns have 300 bones.  I used to have 300 bones.  Some of your bones grow together.  Last year we studied the skeleton in our science book.  You may fall and fracture something in your skeleton.  It's painful sometimes.  -Dustin