Help Me Learn My Letters

I use the American Sign Language Alphabet when I introduce a new letter sound.  I have a poem that we sing as we form the hand letter.  “This is the sound for Stinky Sock- “s”, “s”, “s”, “s”, “s”.  (I use the word card from Saxon phonics and add an alliteration adjective in the front.)

I also use an alliteration poem with a word match activity each week in centers.  Place the sentences on colored letter strips.  Then make another set on manila sentence strips.  Laminate both sets and cut apart the manila set for students to match.  A pocket chart holds this center activity quite nicely.  I file the manila set in a Ziploc baggy, then file with my letter sound folders.  I file the colored set in a sentence strip box.

I use the same poem illustrated on a piece of chart paper mounted on poster board and then laminate for a letter-find center.  I use a fly-swat design cut from poster board with a small square cut away then laminated, for the letters to show through.  Students must count the number of times they find our letter of the week in the poem.

Sand play or clay formation of the letter helps students who learn with very tactile activities, remember the letters more concretely in their minds.

Model the letters with sand paper and place in a writing center for children to feel and then copy.

Lakeshore has some great letter cups that have objects that begin with the initial sound for the week.  They are well worth the money.  I have the children try to copy the words and then sound them out.  This is one of their favorite centers.

Wal-Mart did have letter stampers for sale (a magic marker with a letter stamp on the tip).  I use these in a center.  The children must take a paper and stamp the letter several times repeating the letter name or sound each time.  To get credit, they must say the letter and the sound that it makes to the teacher.

We give a homework assignment page that students complete at home with parents.  They glue objects on the page that begin with the letter of the week.  This becomes a keepsake for the students to take home at the end of the year.  I try to send old catalogs home with students who need them instead of throwing them away.