January Curriculum


Months of the Year (Optional)



Rhyming Words


Numbers 11-20

Martin Luther King's Birthday - January 20

Communicable Disease -Colds

Language Arts
Speak in complete sentences
Recognize rhyme, rhythm, and repetition in spoken words or literature
Speak clearly and politely
Participate in a discussion by making relevant contributions to a specific topic while demonstrating appropriate etiquette
Demonstrate use of appropriate language, tone and voice control in given situations
Develop confidence and poise in speaking (Ex: Use tape player to record, puppets, etc.)

Recognize the thermometer as a device to measure temperatures
Recognize the calculator as a tool to aid in math computation

Computer Education
Follow directions in a menu-driven program
Demonstrate the use of the keyboard and use of special keys
Choose the proper steps to the solution of a problem
Describe how computers are used in our daily living (home and office)
Recognize that electronic devices are used to accomplish things once perceived impossible and the expense of these devices may cause drawbacks to their utilization
Social Studies
Recognize that things change over time (seasons of the year, people and objects)
Know people travel from place to place by different means of transportation
Know land and water forms affect types of transportation
Know means of transportation have changed over the years and will continue to change
Know rules of safety including signs and signals
Be aware that people pay to use public transportation
Be aware that different types of transportation provide jobs for people
Define the terms "goods" and "services" and understand how they are reproduced and provided worldwide, through imports and exports

Use the thermometer to show that changes occur in various ways and may be altered by controlling some variables (Ex: hot and cold temperatures affect water)
Realize that animals live in a variety of habitats and seasonal changes affect animals
Explore the contributions of George Washington Carver to our scientific heritage
Understand that the kind of material used to build an object will influence the effectiveness of the object (Ex: wooden boat floats and a granite boat sinks)
Realize that any alteration in design of an object will affect the efficiency of the object (Ex: paper airplanes-design and weight)

Visual Arts
Describe how art forms are produced
Use art vocabulary to discuss and respond to art

Be aware of ways to prevent and control disease (Ex: cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze)
Understand germs and how they are spread
Demonstrate proper handwashing technique
Know the use of universal precautions (Ex: blood related injuries)
Identify common communicable diseases (Ex: the common cold)
Understand seat-belt safety and rules to observe when crossing the road
Apply safety rules for riding a bicycle