March Curriculum


Arbor Day (First Friday)

St. Patrick's Day

Living/Non-Living Things


Circus (Optional)


Nutrition/Personal Health and Grooming/Communicable Diseases

Numbers 21-31

Number Sequencing (Before, After, Between)

Language Arts
Verbalize own experiences, needs, and wants
Make and describe observations
Recognize that writing can entertain and inform

Tell which of two numbers is less or which is greater up to 10

Understand that plants are living things and realize how they grow and change
Record and compare changes of growth in plants using scientific investigation
Discuss the predictable results when either food, water, air, or sun is omitted during the growth cycle of a plant
Develop models to demonstrate time progression of plant growth
Identify the major parts of a plant
Realize that weather conditions change from day to day
Understand that some events are predictable while others are uncertain

Understand individual responsibilities in promoting good health practice
Identify factors that determine choices in selecting health products and services
Understand individual responsibility in prevention of illnesses
Identify resources for the treatment of illnesses (discuss the importance of regular vision, hearing, and dental checkups)
Identify AIDS as a communicable disease
Be aware of the importance of accepting a variety of foods
Identify various food with the food pyramid
Identify examples of healthy snacks
Be aware of the seven dietary guidelines for Americans
 1. Eat a variety of food
 2. Maintain a healthy weight
 3. Choose a diet low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol
 4. Choose a diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grain products
 5. Use sugars only in moderation
 6. Use salt and sodium only in moderation
 7. Choose an alcohol and drug free lifestyle
Identify basic health practices that influence physical appearance (adequate sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition as related to disease control and fitness)

Physical Education
Be aware of the importance of manipulative skills to various games and sports