Multicultural Story Treasures

My Students Respond:

"I Need a Lunch Box"

I'm glad he got a lunchbox too. -Colby

I liked the spaceship lunchbox. -Ann Jean

It was great that the little boy did not feel left out of getting a lunchbox. -Cody

It was so good that the little boy got a lunchbox too. -Elizabeth

I liked the dream about the boy filling all the lunch boxes with sugary foods.  "That's a lot of Sweets!". -Levi

It was good that the boy got a lunchbox too.  I liked the yellow best. -Payton

I liked the lunchbox parade the best, and the the little boy got a lunchbox. -Samuell

I was happy that the boy's Dad surprised him with a lunchbox.  My favorite lunchbox was the spaceship in the boy's dream.- Savanah

I thought that the book was good and that it was nice of his dad to get him a lunch box even though he wasn't going to school. -Catie

I thought that Doris' brother was sad because he wanted a lunch box too.  Doris' brother wanted one to put crayons and toy animals in, and to have one for everyday for his peanut butter sandwiches. -Austin

I liked the story "I Need a Lunchbox". -Kaylynn

I remember the brother, sister, Dad and Mom.  The story was about a new lunchbox and shoes.  The brother wanted a lunch box.  The story was good because the brother got a lunch box. -Nathan

 on the first day of school his Dad got him one. -Summer

"Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice"

I repeated most of the story from memory.  I asked my mother to read it to me 3 times. -Ann Jean

Everybody was giving her lots of food and Lucy would have a lot to eat and she's happy now. -Austin

Mama Provi Pot of Rice corn, pops, free, okenfold, LVC, toon, Wardley, heat, 1:30 (In my own handwriting!) - Kaylynn

I liked the story and I liked how Mr. Provi traded rice on her way up to Lucy's for other things for Lucy. -Colby

Lucy got chicken pox.  Her grandmother made chicken and rice.  People on the way gave Lucy's grandma food.  Lucy felt better. -Nathan

She shouldn't have to eat the bread or collard greens.  I thought that Lucy looked like Alondra.  -Levi

I liked "Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice".  I liked that Lucy helped her grandmother cook. -Payton

My favorite part was trading rice for other food.  -Summer

"Mice Squeak, We Speak"

The kids talk and horses go neigh and dogs growl.  There are all different sounds. -Austin

The book was about animals and about how animals sounded different than boys and girls. -Nathan

I liked being able to read the book.  I also liked the variety of animals. -Summer

I really liked the book, especially the lion.  It reminded me of Lion King. -Samuell

I liked making the animal sounds.  I remember Tomie de Paola from a Barney episode that he was on. -Payton

The characters although different in someway, are the same in otherwise as in the way that they all communicate. -Levi

I read the book twice.  I am learning the animals and their sounds. -Colby

I liked the book.  I liked all the animals and making the sounds of the animals. -Catie


I liked the piñata.  The book was cool because it had Spanish for some people and English for others. -Summer

I liked the book because it made learning Spanish numbers easy.  My favorite part was the four airplanes or cuatro aviones. -Cody

I liked the book because I like a fiesta party and I like Spanish. -Joey

It was a good party & story.  I also liked looking at the pictures and finding other things on each page. -Levi

I really liked the story and the party, especially the piñata.  I like Spanish! -Samuell

I liked the book because I like learning about places different from the US.  I have a cousin that is half Mexican, so I got to learn about their culture. -Terence

I read the book and told my mom it was about counting and they played with a piñata. -Austin

I liked reading the words in Spanish to my mom. -Payton

"Shoes Like Miss Alice"

Kaylynn was very interested in the shoe book and eager to talk with me about it. -Kaylynn's Mom

Joey liked the dancing shoes. - Joey's Mom

Miss Alice wears different kinds of shoes for the things she does.  Sara likes dancing with shoes that are make believe like Miss Alice. -Austin

I liked all the different shoes that Miss Alice had, especially the dancing shoes & the nap time slippers. -Samuell

The book was good.  The part I liked the best was when Miss Alice put on her walking shoes and went walking. -Levi

I liked the dancing shoes part the best. -Summer

I thought it was great that Miss Alice took the girl's mind off the fact that her mother was gone for the day and made her feel at ease. -Cody

I liked Miss Alice's shoes.  I want Miss Alice to come to my house so I can try on her shoes. -Payton

Miss Alice has a lot of shoes like dancing shoes, walking shoes, sleeping shoes, and bare foot shoes.  My mom and I both thought the book should have kept going.  It was just like it wasn't over when it was.  We liked it. -Augustina

My mammaw and I read the book together and looked at the pictures. -Colby

I liked the book. -Catie

I was very interested in the shoe book, and wanted to talk to my mother about it. -Kaylynn

I liked the dancing shoes. -Joey

"A House Is A House"

I liked figuring out other things that could be houses. -Payton

I really liked the book you gave me.  I did like it. I liked the part of the bug in the rug. -Levi

I learned that a house for a pickle is barrels and that the earth is a house for us all.  A teapot is a house for tea. -Augustina

I liked the part about a pot is a spot for potatoes.  I learned the earth is for us all. -Samuell

A kennel is a house for a dog.  That was my favorite part of the book. -Savanah

I liked the rhymes and all the homes for houses. -Joey

My brothers and I enjoyed the book.  The best part was about tea, tea bags, and drinking the tea. -Summer

My favorite part was the house is for me. -Catie

The house if for the little bug. All the animals have their own houses just like all the world has some kind of house. -Austin

I found it interesting that dogs are homes for fleas. -Cody

"Flower Garden"

I liked it when the Dad is smiling and she is looking at the flowers in the shopping cart.  I liked the picture of the little girl carrying the flowers with her Daddy.  I thought it was  neat to have a flower garden in the city. - Augustina

I liked the part when the girl was shopping. -Summer

I liked the part about the cake. -Catie

They were at the store buying flowers, then they got on the bus.  They went home and went upstairs.  They put the flowers in order in the box.  Daddy and the little girl made the flowers for Mom's birthday.  People looked at the flowers. -Nathan

I liked the red tulips the best.  I liked that the father and daughter worked together on the flower box to give a birthday gift that the mother would like. -Cody

I liked the garden box and I want to make a garden box too. -Terence

I liked the flowers and the little girl. -Joey

I liked the flowers.  They reminded me of the ones that I helped my grandmother plant last year. -Payton

I read the book with Mammaw.  I liked the flowers of different colors. -Colby

I liked the ladybug & butterfly in the window flower box.  I also spotted the little girl's mother on the street from the window. -Samuell

This was one of the far better books.  I really enjoyed the butterflies & ladybugs.  They were the part of the story I enjoyed the best. -Levi

"Dinner at the Panda Palace"

"Dinner at the Panda Palace" was a great book.  I liked the counting part of the book.  I liked it all around because of the rhymes and the animals. -Terence

I liked the book and asked my mom to read it again.  The part I liked best was that there was room for one mouse. -Levi

I liked that Mr. Panda found a seat for the mouse to eat. -Samuell

The panda had a dinner and had animals come to eat.  There was an elephant, pigs, lions, penguins, peacock, hyenas and a mouse.  -Nathan

I read the book with my mom, the I read the book back to her.  -Colby

I liked the hyenas best.  I thought Mr. Panda was very nice. -Cody

I liked the peacocks best.  I asked my mom what pandas ate, and she said bamboo.  I liked the hyena's that laughed as they came into the restaurant.  I also thought the baseball bears were cute. -Augustina

I liked the elephant.  I thought Mr. Panda was nice and smart. -Summer

I liked Mr. Panda.  I asked for directions to the Panda Palace.  I liked that Mr. Panda found room for everybody. -Payton

I liked how they fed the mouse even though they were full. -Catie

My favorite part of the book was counting all the animals and reading the book together with my family. -Austin

"Dinner at the Panda Palace" was a great book. I liked the counting part of the book.  I liked it all around because of the rhymes and the animals. -Terence

"On the Go"

I liked learning how other cultures live.  I also liked the double-decker bus. -Cody

I said that the book was about traveling.  They rode on bikes.  I liked the book because of the different ways to travel. -Nathan

I liked the jets and airplanes. -Joey

I liked the book.  I liked the boats and the water. -Catie

I liked it when the firemen hurried to the fire in their uniforms.  They must go fast. -Samuell

My mammaw and I read the book together and discussed the pictures. -Colby

I did not like the book, but I liked the pictures. -Levi

I liked the book.  I liked the pictures of people going from here to there.  We tried to figure out where each picture was taken. -Payton

The animal babies and people are carrying things.  Trains go fast! -Augustina

I liked the rocket the best because I liked how you can go to the man in it.  I liked the big bus with top & bottom seats.  It was cool. -Austin

I liked this book because it showed different places. -Terence

I liked learning how other cultures live.  I liked the double-decker bus. -Cody


I liked the baby and the ending was funny. -Payton

The mother and the baby were in the house.  Mother was asking all the animals to be quiet because the baby was trying to go to sleep.  Mommy was sleeping at the window and the baby was awake.  -Nathan

I enjoyed the entire book.  I thought that the ending was funny. -Summer

I read the book with my brother.  I can name all the animals. -Colby

I liked the rhymes and animals. -Cody

I liked the book especially the end when everyone was sleeping and the baby was awake.  I liked the monkey alot and the cat and the mouse. -Augustina

I liked the different animals in the story.  I also liked the end where everything was sleeping but the baby. -Terence

I liked the end where the baby was wide awake. -Samuell