Multicultural Story Treasures

My Students Respond:

"I Need a Lunch Box"

I think the little boy is 4 years old.  I liked that he would put marbles, bugs and toys in his lunch box. -Alyssa

I liked it when they passed the lunch box counter twice and also what Doris got to put in her box.  I also liked that he got a coloring book. -Gary

I liked the lunch box parade and I asked my mom if I could have a lunch box.  I liked the green lunch box with moons on it. -Tiffany

I liked it when his daddy bought those black sneakers with yellow laces.  I also like the marbles and bug collection in the lunch boxes.  I was happy that Doris' brother got a lunch box too. -Micheal

The boys wanted a lunch box and he was mad about Doris, his sister, getting brown shoes and a new pencil and pencil box.  All the boy got was a space man coloring book and crayons.  If he had a lunch box he'd put a bug collection in it. He dreamed of a lunch box, a different color for every day.  Then he finally got one.   I got mad for not getting what I want too! -Morgan

The boy wants a lunch box with a different color for every day.  Sometimes it's hard to want something and you can't have it right away! -Nathaniel

"Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice"

Mama Provi lived in an apartment building with her granddaughter living on a separate floor.  Lucy had the chicken pox and Mama Provi cooked for Lucy.  It made her happy. -Micheal

Mama Provi took Lucy a whole bunch of food.  Lucy had chicken pox.  I thought the book was funny with all the food. -Tiffany

Mama Provi cooked a huge bowl of rice for her granddaughter who had chicken pox.  They lived in the same building but on different floors.  Between each floor Mama Provi stops at a neighbor's to trade rice for different types of food.  By the time she gets to Lucy she has alot of food. -Nathaniel

"Mice Squeak, We Speak"

The story shows how animals speak and how we speak.  Each animal has it's own language and so do we.  The story shows how each animal makes sounds in order to talk. -Nathaniel

I thought it was nice how all the animals could talk to one another, and how we don't know what they say.  I like the different sounds each one makes, and the difference in the animals. -Cheyenne

I liked imitating the sounds and talking about differences in the animal and humans and they way they talk. -Jacob

I thought the bear was funny snoring.  I also liked to make the noises that the animals did. -Tiffany

My favorite animal was the horse.  It says neigh.  I liked the book because of all the animals. -Joseph

Horses neigh; mice squeak; pigs squeal; dogs growl; ducks quack; cats purr; lions roar; owls hoot; bears snore.  I loved making all the animal sounds. -Morgan

I liked all the sounds that the animals made.  I liked making the sound of the dog the best. -Micheal


I liked when the children cracked the piñata.  I thought i could be fun to get all of that candy.  I also liked counting in Spanish. -Alyssa

I liked the way the book was in Spanish, also that it told different things to use for a party.  I now try to say numbers in Spanish like in the book. -Jacob

I liked counting and finding the different things to see what they did with them.  I also liked that it all went in a piñata that the kids cracked at the fiesta party! -Cheyenne

The children gathered goodies to put in the piñata.  They put it over a tree branch and the girl hit the piñata with a stick and then they had a Fiesta. -Joseph

I liked the streamers and the fiesta and the piñata and the children.  I also liked the way it was written in Spanish and in English. -Morgan

I liked the story and the 4 airplanes and the 5 tops and the 10 streamers for the Fiesta.  I also liked it when the little girl cracked the piñata and all the candy fell out. -Micheal

The story was about a party "Fiesta."  All the children were gathering candy and toys to put inside the piñata.  The children busted open the piñata to get the goodies. -Nathaniel

I liked to speak in Spanish.  the book was colorful.  I liked the piñata when they cracked the piñata.  I liked the kids having a party. -Tiffany

I liked hearing and speaking the Spanish language, although we do not speak Spanish.  The book seemed to have made it easy for my mom and me to understand this beautiful language. -Gary

I liked the book.  It was about counting. -Destiny

I loved trying to learn Spanish.  I enjoyed repeating to my Mom while she read.  I liked to count in Spanish. -Savannah

"Shoes Like Miss Alice"

I liked to look at the pictures and I liked when they ate snacks then took a walk. -Micheal

I liked when Miss Alice did lots of things with the little girl, Sara.  I especially liked when the mommy came home to Sarah. -Alyssa

I liked how Miss Alice made Sara feel better and how she had shoes for everything or about everything she did.  I didn't like it when her mom left her. -Cheyenne

The book was about shoes like Miss Alice's.  The shoes were brown.  They both had on blue skirts.  They danced in the living room a long time. -Tiffany

It's about shoes like Miss Alice's and the kinds she had: to dance, walk, and nap.  I also liked how they drew pictures of each other. -Jacob

Ms. Alice came to take care of the little girl when the mom had to go to work.  The girl and Ms. Alice danced in the living room and Ms. Alice had a pair of blue shoes to dance in.  They ate lunch and then went for a long walk and Ms. Alice had a pair of shoes for that too.  When they got back home they took a nap and Ms. Alice had blue fuzzy shoes for that.  When they got up they drew pictures of what they did during the day.  The drew bare-footed.  Mom came home and Ms. Alice left.  The girl put on shoes and danced around the house. -Nathaniel

I learned about shoes, many kinds of shoes, and how shoes can help you from being sad when your mom is not home. -Morgan

"A House Is A House"

I liked A House is a House for Me.  I thought that the fleas having a house on the dog was funny and I liked hearing about all the different things that are houses that we don't even think about. -Alyssa

Garbage is a house for germs and a house is a house for me.  I liked the way that everything has a house. -Tiffany

I liked how different things make of have a house of different things.  I liked it when the mosquitoes made their house of mud.  I liked the end when I heard the earth is a house for us all. -Cheyenne

I liked how it told where a lot of things lived.  I also liked the way all things have a house to live in no matter what it is. -Jacob

I enjoyed the book, but I liked the rocket and the man on the moon the best. -Gary

I thought the story was cool.  I liked the pony. -Savannah

The book was about animals and their homes.  There was an ant pile, a bee hive and a house is for me.  The bug's house is a rug.  A house for a horse is a barn.  A dog is a home for fleas.  A throat is for a hum. -Savanna

I liked all the different types of houses and the animals too. -Morgan

"Flower Garden"

I liked the candles on the cake and when they went to buy a garden for Mom.  They pushed the flowers in the cart and stopped at each floor. -Tiffany

"Dinner at the Panda Palace"

Tiffany liked the panda.  She thought he was nice to the mouse.  there were 2 seats for the Lion and one last seat for the mouse. -Tiffany

I really liked when the hyenas came and they laughed.  I also like how everyone came from different places, doing different things. -Alyssa

I liked the panda and the three little pigs.  I also liked the way the monkeys came in to eat. -Micheal

I liked how Mr. Panda had room for everyone even a mouse.  I liked how the animals came in groups of numbers. -Cheyenne

I liked "Dinner at the Panda Palace."  I really enjoyed all the animals.  I thought it was nice to find room for the mouse. -Joseph

I liked when the lions came in.  I would like to have dinner at the Panda Palace.  I liked the peacocks with their feathers spread and the laughing hyenas.  Panda looked left, and panda looked right, no he wouldn't say there was not room for one more tiny mouse.  -Savanna

"On the Go"

I liked all the different ways that people travel in other places.  I learned more ways to travel that are different than the way we do. -Jacob

I liked the different ways of traveling like helicopters and horses and donkeys, walking with things on your heads and sailing down the rivers.  I also liked going to the moon. -Morgan

The story was about transportation and how people can travel to different places.  There are many different ways to travel and the wheels help people get to where they are going. -Nathaniel

I liked the bamboo boats and the baby on the Mommy's back.  I liked when people came to put out fires and when people went to the moon in a rocket ship.  I want to ride on the monorail soon at Disneyland. -Savanna

I liked to see the man on the moon.  I also thought it would be nice to ride in a rocket or plane.  I also liked seeing the different people. -Tiffany

I thought it was nice how all the people in different parts of the world got from place to place.  I like that some people went by air, land and water.  I thought it was nice that some people carried babies on their back.  I liked that some carried baskets on a stick to carry things in. -Cheyenne

I liked the story about carrying babies on their backs and the boats in the water. -Micheal

I liked On the Go because of the different ways that people go all over the world, but I thought the double-decker bus was really neat and I want to go in one some day. -Alyssa

I liked the book because it had a fire truck and horses and a kid on a boat. -Destiny

I liked seeing all the ways people could travel & work.  I also enjoyed learning how animals can work for us, and the fire trucks. -Joseph


I liked all the different animals and all the different sounds the animals made in the book.  I also liked the green frog "op-op". -Micheal

I liked the monkey the best.  I liked when the mother whispered, "Is everyone asleep?"  I also thought it was neat how they all lived around all of the animals. -Alyssa

I liked the money and how it swung from the trees.  I also liked how the monkey said, "Jiak-jiak". -Madison

I liked the frogs best because they are green and my mom's favorite color is green. -Madison

I liked where the lady said, "Who's that creeping under the house?"  It was a black cat.  I also liked when the frog was leaping.  The baby pigs are so, so cute.  I wish I had one of my own.  I liked the glossy white ducks and baby ducks.  I liked the monkey.  I like where everyone was asleep except for the baby. -Savanna

I liked all the different sounds.  My favorite was the monkey. -Morgan

My favorite part of the story was at the end when the mother is asleep and the baby is wide-awake.  I also liked all the animals and their sounds. -Nathaniel

I loved the noises the animals made.  I laughed and imitated the animal sounds while my mother read the story. -Savannah