November Curriculum



American Indians

Olden Days

Patriotism/Veterans' Day (November 11)

Election Day


Ordinal Numbers



Drug Awareness

Language Arts
Listen to simple stories and retell incorporating paraphrasing and sequencing skills
Use comprehension strategies to enhance understanding, to relate ideas, to organize information, to make predication, and to distinguish fact from fantasy during the reading process
Repeat simple verses from memory
Communicate thoughts, feelings, and information orally

Demonstrate an understanding of the relative magnitude of numbers (Ex: patterns are repeated)
Arrange objects in order according to size
Patterning - next color/shape
Match numeral to sets 6-10
Identifies the heaviest object

Utilize scales and balances to supply information for scientific investigation
Realize that when taken in parts, the parts of the whole still equal the mass of the original object

Social Studies
Be aware what a globe and map represent
Locate the continents and oceans on a map and globe
Locate the USA and Tennessee on a map and globe
Identify how land masses and bodies of water are represented on globes and maps
Understand the use of directions on a globe or map
Be aware that symbols are used to represent places on maps and globes
Describe how geography affected early settlements
Explore the roles of the first groups of settlers in this country
Be aware that our country has changed from the first settlements to the present
Be aware schools have changed through the years

Identify safe practices in the use of medicines and drugs in keeping people healthy
Be aware of the importance of choosing not to use tobacco, illicit drugs or alcohol
Practice refusal skills to avoid harmful substances

Recognize the difference between familiar lullabies and marches
Develop skill in reproducing a steady beat
Develop skill in singing repetitive, narrow-range of rhythmically simple songs