October Curriculum


Sets 0-5

Numerals 6-10

Fall/Harvest Time

Columbus Day

Community Helpers

Fire Prevention


Writing Readiness

Visual Discrimination

Language Arts
Develop fine motor function
Develop hand-eye coordination
Position paper properly and hold a crayon or pencil correctly
Classify objects and pictures
Discriminate and identify uppercase and lowercase letters
Recognize and name letters of the alphabet
Recognize that everyone has experiences to write about (Use journal writing)
Develop an awareness of the importance of media in daily life

Use a number line to count on or count back
Apply estimation strategies in working with measurement
Identify equivalent sets (0-5) by one-to-one correspondence
Identify sets of 0-5 more, less
Name numerals 6-10
Identify ruler and yardstick as tools to measure
Use non-standard measurement manipulatives for measuring

Social Studies
Recognize that things change over time (seasons of the year, people, objects)
Be aware many jobs require that people work together

Realize animals live in a variety of habitats and seasonal changes affect animals
Utilize a magnifying glass as a tool to supply additional information for scientific investigation

Identify health helpers and their roles in the community
Identify fire prevention rules and a plan of action in case of a fire
Be aware of contributions to health care of historical and current people (Ex: Clara Barton-Red Cross; Marie Curie-Discovery of Radium; Sir Alexander Fleming-Discovery of Penicillin)

Physical Education
Demonstrate increased confidence in movement as body control is developed
Be aware of the role of body movement and control in developing physical fitness
Be aware of the interrelationship of body movement, space, and time

Visual Arts
Recognize that parts relate to a whole (shapes connected and overlapping create objects)
Describe space in terms of empty and full