Board Policy Forms

1.500 Release to Publish 5.107 Classified Employee Evaluation Checklist

5.109 Teacher Evaluation Documents
2.400 Ticket Reconciliation

2.401 Improvement to School Property

5.113 Self Selected Inservice

5.113 Professional Development Record Keeping Guidelines

2.803  Credit Union Salary Deduction

Salary Deductions Premiums

               Life Insurance

Health Insurance

          Dental/Vision Reimbursement 

2.804 Travel Expense Reimbursement Claim

3.202 Emergency Preparedness Plan

5.117 Tenure Policy Guidelines

          Tenure Recommendation Form

          Novice Teacher 

Induction Form

Veteran Teacher Induction Form

5.302 Sick Leave

5.303 Personal and Professional Leave Forms (Obtain the appropriate colored copy from your principal)

5.304 Request for Leave of Absence

5.307 Employee Injury Report (Obtain the appropriate colored copy from your principal)

3.206 Community Use of School Workman's Compensation Application

3.400 Bus Damage Report

5.500 or  5.501 Employee Complaint

5.502 Complaint About School Personnel

6.203 Proof of Residence Requirements Policy

3.402 Special Use of School Vehicle           Affidavit of Residence
3.404 Emergency Transportation

4.207 Home Language Survey

6.205 Out-of-Zone Agreement

6.207  Student Withdrawal

          Student Withdrawal (JCHS)

6.304 Complaint Against Student 

4.208 Adult Education Parental Permission

4.302 Field Trip Request

6.305 Student Complaint

6.308 Bus Referral

         Field Trip Mileage

         Field Trip Follow-Up

        Overnight Field Trip 

6.309 Unsafe School Choice Option

6.316 Suspension, Expulsion and Remand 

6.317 Parent Hearing Rights

4.401 Textbook Selection Checklist 6.401 Clinic School Health
     Permission to Dispense Medication
4.403 Reconsider Instuctional Materials or Textbook


6.405 Authorization to Dispense Medicine

6.409 Child Abuse Reporting

4.406 Internet Use Employee

         Internet Use Student

6.410 Accidents

6.411 Wellness:  Foods Compliance List
                                Approved Snacks List
6.601 FERPA Law

4.501 School Volunteers Injury (Obtain the appropriate colored copy from your principal)          FERPA Law Spanish
4.603 Parent Letter -Student Retention

6.701 Proposed Fundraising Activities

4.801 Parental Request for Exemption-Controversial Materials

4.802 Student Equal Access

5.106 Administrative Guidelines for Hiring

           Personnel Recommendatio

School Board Policies-All Contract     Professional agreement between Jefferson County Schools and Jefferson County Education Association