Units of Study

Colors and Shapes                                             March
Families                                                                     St. Patrick's Day
Personal Safety                                                          Plants/Seeds
Self Concept                                                             Circus (Optional)
Body Parts                                                                Spring
Feelings                                                                    Nutrition
October                                                                 Personal Health and Grooming
Fall                                                                         April
Columbus                                                                 Easter
Community Helpers                                                  Dinosaurs (Optional)
Fire Prevention                                                         Addition/Subtraction
November                                                            Animals (Zoo, Pets, and Wild)
Pilgrims                                                                     Insects
American Indians                                                      Environment/Earth
Olden Days                                                             May
Veterans' Day                                                          Farm
Thanksgiving                                                            Water
Drug Awareness                                                      Summer
December                                                            Seashore/Ocean
Christmas                                                                Machines/Tools
Children Around the World                                      Electricity/Magnets
January                                                              Other Optional Units
Months of the Year (Optional)                                 Apples
Winter                                                                    Monarch
Eskimos                                                                  Bears
Transportation                                                         Spiders
Communicable Diseases                                          Eggs
February                                                             The West
Groundhog Day                                                       Japan
Dental Health                                                          Hawaii
Presidents                                                               Children's Classics
Our Country                                                           Sink/Float
Our State                                                                Penguins
Money                                                                   Watermelons
Time                                                                       Sunflowers
Valentine's Day                                                       Frogs
Whole/Half                                                             Birds
Moon and Space Travel                                         China
Healthy Heart                                                         Nursery Rhymes
Five Senses                                                            Monsters