Pioneer Games - Activities - Students will be introduced to games that date back to pioneer children and will improve certain skills. 
Elementary Physical Education contains a wealth of resources and activities for the physical education or health teacher.
Computer Applications for Educators. WebQuest Activities for Physical Education 
Games Kids Play This is a site you're going to want to bookmark.  Games Kids Play is a site that lists the "official" rules for games like:  Crack the Whip; Dodgeball; Red Rover; Kick the Can; Sardines; and Picking Who is "IT."
President's Physical Fitness Challenge Homepage 
It's How You Play the Game - Examining the Ethics of Gamesmanship
Grades: 6-12 
The Name Game (all, Games) - For those of us in secondary classroom, this is great for having to learn 120 - 150 names per semester:
Fishes and whales (all, Games) - Divide your class evenly into fishes and whales. choose 3 or 4 kids to be fishermen and women. Make a large square...10 feet by
Grades: K-12
My Name Is (all, Games) - Name games can be played at any time of the year but are especially important at the first. They are also useful when new child
Grades: K-12
Parachutes - This is elementary physical education lesson on parachutes. We all enjoy playing with the parachute, well this is a lesson with a few fun activities to use with your class. I used this in a class, and the children loved it.
Grades: K-2 
Spelling Relay Game could be used in PE and a variety of grade levels - This is a simple game that makes learning to spell words fun. Add On Relay: Directions: Students are divided into 2 teams. The students need to stand in a single file line. The teacher calls out a word. The first student in each line walks to the board a...
Grades: K-8
Sharks and Barracudas: Chasing and Tagging Activity - An AskERIC Lesson Plan - The activity called the Sharks and Barracudas is a fun children's phys. ed. game involving tagging and chasing. This activity is geared for children at the 1st or second grade level. Their are two teams, one is the Sharks and the other is theBarracudas.
Grades: K-2 
Gymnastics Activities - An AskERIC Lesson Plan - The objective of these activities is to allow students to explore the gymnastic equipment, develop basic mobility skills, and to improve a variety of other skills.
Grades: 3-5 
End Line Ball - An AskERIC Lesson Plan - This game helps students develop throwing and catching skills along with basic mobility skills.
Grades: K-5
Best Practice Program- Special events, Fitness nights, 
2001 PE Central Challenge 4th & 5th grade motor skills challenge.
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Oregon Trail Teacher's Guide
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