Verb Worksheet                       Name:_______________
What is an action verb?
An action verb is a word that expresses action.
Directions: Find the action verb in each sentence.

  1. Robin drove the car to the circus.

  2. We sent the presents yesteday.

  3. I gave her five dollars for the paintin.

  4. stand on the step.

  5. Martin ate the hot dogs from the party.

  6. This book belongs to mother.

  7. The teacher blamed the fight on the girl.

  8. Heather cares about the lost puppy.

  9. Walter complained to his mother about the homework.

10. Father concentrated on the movie.

11. I could depend on my sister to help me.

12. Listen to the pastor.

13. I looked after the baby last week.

14. Susan and Rob walked to school.

15. The fire burned out.

16. Aunt Sarah rode a motorcycle on the beach.

17. Joan played at the zoo.

18. On the way to the store, we stopped to get hamburgers.

19. We drove with Michael.

20. The tree grew in the backyard.