The Big Circle   

By Eric Kimmel

Illustrated by: Richard Bernai

Who lived here long ago?

Big T. Rex wakes up.  Now Big T. Rex wants to eat, but not bones and not stones.  Big T. Rex wants meat to eat.  Here is a herd of triceratops.  They are going home.  There they can get good grass to munch.  The grass at home will make them fat. 

Sniff, Sniff, "Hmm," said Big T. Rex.  "My nose smells a baby there.  I'm good at hunting.  I'll get that baby.  It will make a good lunch."  Big T. Rex rose up on his back legs.  He ran up the slope and down.  The herd saw T. Rex run up and down.  They had time to make a big circle.  the small animals went inside the circle.  The baby went inside too.  Big. T. Rex didn't like this.  Now he couldn't get his lunch.  But T. Rex didn't quit.  " I'll make that herd run. "  he said.  But the herd didn't run.  They kept still in the big circle.  Then they gave T. Rex a poke and a bump.  Together they drove him back. 

Big T. Rex ran back up the slope and down.  Those triceratops saw T. Rex run.  Now they are safe.  They are going home to munch grass.  Big T. Rex can't get them now.  They like being together. 


Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story.