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Word problems developed by Jefferson MIddle School Math students
Fabulous Four
The Seven Prime Numbers
Magnificient Seven
Billy Bob's Way to do Math
Stacked to the Moon
DJ's Math Problem
Earth Science
Factor it Out!
Fun Fractions
3 Kinds of Animals at the Petting Zoo
Jason's Prime Numbers
Color Coated
Prime Time
The Spooky Math Problem
What's Your Age?
Rabbits, Lambs, and Goats, Oh My!
The Jackson Five
Seven Prime Numbers
The Fabulous Seven
Tyler's Dog Sitting Adventure
Juan Leon's Travels
Seattle's Rainfall
Towers on the Moon
The Tower
Alien Invaders
Problem Child
The Hang Out
The Problem Child
Going to the Moon
Jason's Training Method
Professor Green's Easy Way to do Math
Prime Time
I'm in my Prime
Prime Numbers

Math Stories
Word Problems--Basketball
Sample Word Problems--No Answers
Word Puzzles
Word Stories

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