February is Black History Month

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Space Shuttle
Columbia STS-107

First Session of
the Supreme Court

Groundhog Day
Take a quiz on grounghogs using the picture dictionary

Groundhog Shadows Lesson Plan

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Luna 9 Lands on Mars
Print out, read, and color a page on the moon


Boy Scouts of America Anniversary

Rosa Parks Born

Don’t Walk

Mexican Constitution Day

Spanish-American War Ends

Babe Ruth’s Birthday


Frederick Douglass Born

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Birthday

Jules Verne born, 1828


Mary Queen of Scots Beheaded

William Henry Harrison’s Birthday

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

25th Amendment to the Constitution Ratified

Thomas Edison’s Birthday

Lincoln’s Birthday

Fire Bombing of Dresden


Valentine’s Day

U.S.S. Maine Destroyed

Mark Twain publishes Huckleberry Finn

17 18 19 20 21 22 23

PTA Founders’ Day

Pluto Discovered
Read about Pluto, then take a quiz.

Full Moon
Color a page on the moon.

Copernicus’ Birthday

US Postal Service Created

John Glen Orbits the Earth


Presidents’ Day
Happy Birthday Presidents Washington & Lincoln
U.S. President Abraham Lincoln

Love Your Pet Day
Draw a picture of an imaginary pet and describe it.

George Washington’s Birthday

Iwo Jima Day


24 25 26 27  28 March 1 2

President Andrew Johnson Impeached

U.S. Congress passes Legal Tender Act


William "Buffalo Bill" Cody born, 1846


Toothpick Day

Gulf War ended

Smokey Bear Day

Crick and Watson discover DNA structure 



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