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Sistine Chapel ceiling opens to public

Truman Defeats Dewey

The Order is Given to Bomb Pearl Harbor

King Tut’s Tomb Discovered


1968 : Richard Nixon elected President

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Abraham Lincoln Elected

Marie Curie’s Birthday



Cortez Conquers Mexico

Berlin Wall Opened

Marine Corps Birthday


Veteran's Day

Remembrance Day

National Children's Book Week

The Destruction of Atlanta Begins


13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Birthday


Mamie Eisenhower’s Birthday



General William Tecumseh Sherman burns Atlanta

Oklahoma enters the Union

Suez Canal Opens

National Family Week

Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

National Game and Puzzle Week

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Nuremberg Trials Begin

Edison's First Great Invention


President Kennedy Assassinated


Billy the Kidís Birthday

Ruby Shoots Oswald

JFK buried at Arlington National Cemetery

Charles M. Schulz Birthday


27 28 29             30 December 1 2 3

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Custer Massacres Cheyenne

The Grand Ole Opry


Louisa May Alcott’s Birthday

Winston Churchill’s Birthday





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