Word Wall Chant Ideas




Clap: Clap each letter.

Snap and Clap: Snap the vowels and clap the consonants.

Stomp: Stomp each letter.

Pinch: Pinch each letter.

Movie Star Kisses: Put your hand to your mouth, throw each letter a kiss, like Marilyn Monroe at the Oscars.

Fly Like a Bird: Arms flapping up and down.

Nose: Hold your nose and spell it.

Tap It: Tap it out on your desk.

Cheer It: Like a cheerleader, alternate arms and shoot into the air.

Pound It: Pound fist into open hand for each letter.

Volcano: Start out as a whisper, get louder with each letter, and explode when you say the last letter.

Slow Motion: Stretch out the sound of each letter.

Frog Jumps: Start standing up, as you sat each letter crouch down a little farther, jump into the air at the end as you say the word.

Pat It: Pat heads for tall letters, tummies for short letters, and knees for letters that extend below.

Hula: Hands on hips and swivel for each letter, hands in the air at the end when you say the word.

Jumping Jacks: One letter for each movement.

Toe Touches: Cross the midline and touch each opposite toe for each letter.

Frisbee: Throw each letter out Frisbee style.

The Swim: Swim the letters, hold your nose, and go down at the end when you say the word.

Imaginary Chalkboard: Children pretend a chalkboard is in front of them. Write each letter on the chalkboard, making letters large. When you finish each word, pretend to erase it.

Tigger Bounce: Bounce up and down for each letter.

Alligator Clap: Open and close arms for each letter.

Throw the stars: Throw one hand at a time up toward the ceiling for each letter.

Mexican Hat Dance: Alternate feet in front.

Dribble and Shoot: Dribble the letters and shoot the word.

Pumping Iron: Pretend to lift weights, one rep for each letter.

Whisper It: Whisper each letter.

Disco: Pretend to be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Hand starts at stomach for each letter. Hand up for consonants, down for vowels.

Hand Jive: (From Grease) Pair children up. Children clap hands together for consonants and clap their laps for vowels. They put their hands in the air as they say the word.


Note: Not all of these are for everyone. Try a few and make rote memorization fun. Besides, you are appealing to auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. (These ideas are gathered from various Four Blocks teachers over the Techers.net listserve.)