About “Driting”.................

·        Driting” is seen at the end of Kindergarten or in the Writing Block at the beginning of Grade 1.

·        Driting” is the combination of drawing along with some “squiggles,” some letters, some numbers, a few words (often copied from print around the room). The student proceeds to “read” what they have “written.” How long to use “Driting” in your classroom depends on your class. It could last a few days or a few weeks. When students start writing more words it is time to move on to “Half and Half.”

Remember: Instruction should begin with where they are. Many students may not have been encouraged to write/draw at home.

·        Procedure:

The Mini-Lesson:

The teacher models using a large sheet of drawing paper. She draws a simple picture and adds a few words. (Labeling) The teacher models a type of writing/drawing that most children can achieve.

Now the children write...


The children are given drawing paper (unlined). They are directed to: “Draw something that you would like to share with the class. You can add words if you’d like.” The children write for 10-15 minutes and the teacher does “roving conferences,” encouraging students as she walks around the room.



 A few children sit in the “Author’s Chair” and share their stories and pictures. The teacher may also choose to share everyone’s work by displaying the stories in the hall or in the classroom.