The Nifty-Fifty



(From Cunningham & Hall, 1998)

Many big words are just smaller words with prefixes and suffixes added to the word. Good spellers notice the patterns in words. These 50 words include examples for all the common prefixes and suffixes as well as common spelling changes. (Cunningham & Allington. Classrooms That Work. They Can All Read and Write. Longman, 1999)



antifreeze international
beautiful invasion
classify irresponsible
communities midnight
community misunderstand
composer musician
continuous nonliving
conversation overpower
deodorize performance
different prehistoric
discovery prettier
dishonest rearrange
electricity replacement
employee richest
encouragement semifinal
expensive signature
forecast submarine
forgotten supermarkets
governor swimming
happiness transportation
hopeless underweight
illegal unfinished
impossible unfriendly
impression unpleasant
independence valuable