What should I have on hand for my Writing/Publishing Classroom?


A good Writing/Publishing Classroom should create an atmosphere for writing. Showcase your students’ writing – around the room, in the hall, in the library, or in the office.

Some suggestions for supplies:

·        Pencils, pens, colored pencils, crayons, markers

·        Paper – lined, unlined, half/and/half, colored paper, oak tag

·        Boxed stationary for writing letters

·        Shape books

·        Binding machine, laminator, and plastic binders to make books

·        Stickers, stamps, and stamp pads

·        Contac paper or wallpaper sample books to make book covers

·        Blank tapes and a tape recorder so students can put their stories on tape

·        Dictionary

·        Thesaurus

·        Word Wall

·        Pocket Folders

·        Notebooks or blank books

·        Computers and/or Alpha-smarts for word processing

·        Software such as Kidpix for creative illustrations