The Writing Process



“Writing is a problem solving process.” (Flower & Hayes, 1986)

1.   Prewriting

·        Brainstorming

·        Planning and Organizing

·        Using Graphic Organizers (4 Square)

2.   First Draft

·        Ideas First—“Getting it Right Later”

·        Lifting from the Graphic Organizer

·        Writing Independently

·        Writing about What You Know

3.   Revising and Editing

·        “Cut and Paste”

·        Using CUPS

·        Using the Word Wall


·        Editor’s Checklists

·        Reading to Oneself and/or to Friend

4.   Conference

·        Peer

·        Teacher

·        Conference Form

5.   Publish/Illustrate

·        Final Copy

·        Authentic Audience

·        Several Ways to Publish – displayed in halls, class book, school newsletter, and “on the Web”

6.   Sharing

·        Writing to Share with an Authentic Audience

·        Self-Esteem and Validation


Expect children to be at all stages in the writing process. Writing is a multilevel activity. The Writing Process Wheel can help you keep track of student progress.