Guided Reading
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Jeanette Mullholland's Guided Reading Block
Before Reading
During Reading
After Reading
For the Brave At Heart
Guided Reading Kindergarten
Guided Reading Grades 1-3
Guided Reading Upper Grades
This is a great interactive site to foster comprehension in the upper grades. http://readwritethink.og/materials/storymap/
The Swimming Hole, Grade 4 created by Terry Sams  
Basic Retelling Rubric How to Promote Fluency in the Classroom
Comprehension Posters Comprehension Strategies
Fostering Reading of Informational Text in the Primary Grades 5 Reading Strategies
Teacher's Planning Template for Guided Reading Martha Ruddell's CSSR Chart
Reading Strategies Using Picture Books toExplicitly Teach Comprehension Strategies
Tips on How to Teach Students to Be Coaches During Paired Reading Comprehension Strategies Poster 1
Comprehension Strategies Poster 2
A Weekly Guided Reading Template Poster for Teachers from Laura at the
Comparing Proficient and Ineffective Readers A Resource for Teachers Using the 4 Blocks Guided Reading Book
Getting Jazzy with Genre Discovering Student Reading Level
The Graphic Organizer 3 Ring Circus Classroom Management
Chart, created by Marie Rice, Grade 2 NY
Graphic Organizer Tools Good Reader Strategies
KWL(What I Know, What I Want to Know, What I Learned) Concept Map 1
Vocabulary Word Map 5 Step Editing
Classification  Idea Map
Venn Diagram Venn Diagram to Compare Constrast
Details Story Map
Comparison Map Cause/Effect Chart
Chain Reaction Time Line
Narrative Make Your Own Bookmarks
  • Text to Self
  • Text to Text
  • Text to the Real World
  • Cobblestone Publishing
    Book Report Alternatives Using the Newspaper in the Classroom
    Four Block for the Upper Grades

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    Guided Reading and Technology

    The guided reading section provides children the chance to experience a wide variety of literature experiences.The main goal is to improve comprehension using several activities.
    Guided Reading strategies can be adapted to the computer and a word processor through starting the reading experiences by using the Internet to anticipate and make predictions about what will be read. Instead of dividing students into groups to use their paper and pencil a computer screen could be shared by the group in a collaborative effort.
    Books can also be presented to the students in guided reading through a PowerPoint or Hyperstudio presentation with four slides which provide the titles (and maybe a picture of each book taken with a digital camera) and stimulates the students to share personal experiences on the book topic.

    The computer word processor and a wide screen can also be used to create a KWL (Know, Wonder, Learned) chart.Students can respond to what they read using the word processor or PowerPoint or Hyperstudio.The word processor can be used to develop a dramatization as a whole class activity. The original story text can be prepared with a word processor ahead of time in the word processor. This document will be displayed on the screen for the students. The teacher and the class will then convert the story together to create the theater script. The edited document can then be printed out for the student dramatization.

    Web Resources for Guided and Self-Selected Reading:

    ·First Grade Bookmarks (choose either .pdf file or Word format)

    ·Narrative Bookmarks (.pdf file)

    ·Expository Bookmarks (.pdf file)

    ·Guided Reading Checklist,

    ·Reading Conference Log,

    ·Themes and Book Ideas for Primary Grades

    ·Guided Reading Lesson Plan, Mr. Wishy Washy,

    ·Online Children’s Stories,

    ·Children’s Books and Folktales, gopher://

    ·Tell Me A Story,

    ·Folklore and Mythology,

    ·Folk and Fairy Tales,

    Best Stories,

    ·TrackStar, (Create your own web page of links!)

    ·Shared Reading,
    Teacher Resource for Guided and Shared Reading,

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