How to Make Your Own Word Wall Words:



        Colored index cards

        Rubber cement or glue sticks


        Word processor (or very neat handwriting)


Word List from your grade level (Scott Foresman, 4 Blocks lists, Words Using Common Phonograms, 100 Most Common High Frequency Words, Nifty Fifty, Most Commonly Misspelled Words) Note: Vocabulary words from Scott Foresman are placed in a separate area and not on the Word Wall. You can also add words from your studentsí writing that the class frequently misspells.


1.     Using a word processor, type each word using Helvetica Black Boldface (or Primary Font) size 125. (Or print the words if you prefer).

2.     Print, cut out in the configuration of each word. Glue to colored index cards and laminate. Be sure to use different colored cards for most often confused words. (hear, here; its, itís)

3.     Choose a location in the room where every student can see all the words. Put the alphabet headings, A-Z, at the top of the wall or bulletin board.

4.     Add 5 words to the Word Wall each week. Words are placed alphabetically on the wall by first letter.

5.     Do practice and review activities (On the Back Activities) so that the words are read and spelled instantly and automatically.

6.     Words can be used for spelling tests. All word wall words should be spelled correctly in all written work.

7.     Of course, Word Wall kits for each grade level can be purchased commercially. Word Lists can be enlarged from the Scott Foresman Phonics Book and used to make word wall cards.

8.     Once, you have made them, file them away for next year.