Mini-Lesson Topics

This is a partial list of possible mini-lesson topics for the primary classroom. The Mini-Lesson should be short (10-15 minutes) and should focus on one topic. Do not try to do it all in one lesson. Suggestions are welcome.

Rules and Procedures

Strategies Writers Use

Polishing it Up



Writing the Title, Author’s Name and Date on Writing

Choosing Topics


Do You Get a Picture in Your Head?

Budgeting My Space as I Write

Establishing Workshop Rules


Adding More Information

Writing from Left-Right and Top-Bottom

Choosing Paper and Other Materials

Using books/stories as inspiration

Describe Using One of the  Senses

Using Spaces between Words

How to Share a Piece

Using pictures for inspiration

Delete Information if Too Wordy

Using Capital Letters


Using One Side of the Paper

Using a story starter

Do I Have Too Many Stories in One Piece?

Using the Edit Hand or Checklist

Skipping Lines

Rewriting the Ending

Writing A Good Lead or Hook

Using the Word Wall to Help with Spelling

Role Play Wasting Time

Saving Pieces to Use for More Ideas

Writing a Good Ending- Getting the Reader Off the Hook

Using a Dictionary

How Do We Listen & Respond to


Thinking About Genre

(Poetry, Fiction, Biography, etc.)

Getting from the Lead to the Ending

Using End marks

Period/Question Mark/Exclamation

How Do We Use Our Writing Folder/ Notebook

Keeping a Journal

Getting Rid of Extra Words (Ands, thens, becauses, and sos)

Using Quotation Marks

How to Use The Editor’s Marks

Choosing Topics by Listening to Author’s Chair

Weak Adjectives (Very, neat, and awesome)

From “me and my friend” to “my friend and I”

How and When to Publish

Rereading Our Own Work to Check for Clarity

Coming Up with a Good Title

Writing Friendly Letter

How/When/ and Where to Illustrate

Cut & Paste to Sequence Text


Writing a Business Letter

What to Do When We Are Done

Line Out Changes-Don’t Erase

Working with a Graphic Organizer

Using Possessives

How and When to Ask for Help

What to Do When You Can’t Spell a Word?

Indenting for a New Paragraph

Using Plurals

Making a Writer’s Progress Wheel

What is Plagiarism?

Sentence Wrap

Subject-Verb Agreement

How to Use the Writing Progress Wheel

How to Insert Information Using a Caret or Asterisk

Combining Sentences

Using Words ending in “ing”

Making a 5 Step Edit Hand

Sticking to the Topic

Using Transition Words

Using Words Ending in  “ed”

Introduce the Editor’s Checklist

Point of View

Adding More Details

Using Commas




Letter Greetings

Letter Closings




Using Contractions









* Adapted from ideas by Carol Avery, .....And with a Light Touch, Heinemann.