Graphic Organizer Tools

Cause/Effect Chart

5 Finger Rule Cue Card Set

Cue cards can be run off, cut out, glued on colored paper, laminated, and used as a handy bookmark.  Teacher will need to model this to help students independently choose books that are appropriate for them.  This set helps student choose a book that is "just right for me."

5 Step Editing

This hand graphic organizer can also be used for story elements:

  • Title and Author
  • Main Characters
  • Setting
  • Problem
  • Solution

Chain Reaction
Cause/Effect and Sequencing
Writing using transition

Comparison Map

Vocabulary development for pre-reading and writing

Concept Map 1

Idea Map


Descriptive Writing
Mini-lesson for upper grades 

Expository Writing or writing to give information focuses on sequencing.  Students learn to use transition words:  first, next, then, last, etc.


Paragraph Frame

Story Map

Story Web

Good Reader Strategies

Time Line

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram to Compare Contrast

Vocabulary Word Map