During Reading
During Reading
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Response Journal
To keep individual students, or partners, focused during the Guided Reading time, they could fill in a Response Journal. This helps
students to stop and monitor for meaning as they read. It also helps with making connections to self, other texts, and to the real
world. It is especially useful for students who finish quickly and need to wait for others to "catch up." Don't forget to model using
the form as you read. This particular form was designed by Kelli Roberts.
OWL Poster
Created by Donna Baker (concept by Debra R. Smith)
Peel District School Board, Brampton, Ontario,Canada 
email:  baker@sprint.ca

Remind students to reflect as they read. The OWL Poster will remind them to:

  • Make observations as the read. (I observed or noticed that....) 
  • Ask themselves questions as they read. (I wonder if........)
  • Make connections to their own lives and the real world. (This reminds me of the time.....)
Partners as Coaches Help for Partner Reading
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