4 Mature

Writing is on topic and interesting.  There is a beginning,

middle, and end.  Writing creates emotion in the reader.  Writing generally shows accuracy in punctuation and capitalization.  It also demonstrates knowledge of sound-letter correspondence; errors do not interfere with understanding.


3 Capable

Writing is on topic.  There is an attempt at sequence or

development of thought.  The writing holds the reader's attention.  May have surface errors but does not interfere with understanding.


2 Developing

Writing is generally on topic.  There is an attempt to get sentences on paper.  Sentences may be simple or incomplete with limited

vocabulary. Surface feature errors may make understanding difficult.


1 Emerging

Writing may show little or no development of topic, but may

contain meaningful vocabulary.  There is an attempt to get words on paper.  Written vocabulary is limited.  Writing shows no use of writing conventions.