4 Mature

The writing is focused on a topic and supported with details

and/or examples.  The writing shows a clear beginning, middle, and end

with ideas separated into paragraphs.  Author's voice/personality

contributes to the writing through effective word choice and varied sentence

structure. Sentences are complete, and surface errors (spelling, grammar,

punctuation) are minimal.


3 Capable

The writing is focused on a topic and includes details.  The

writing shows a beginning, middle, and end; the writer may attempt to separate ideas into

paragraphs.  Author's voice/personality is evident through use of

descriptive words and simple and compound sentences.  Sentences

are complete, and surface feature errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation) don't interfere with understanding.


2 Developing

Topic is presented but not developed; focus may wander.  There is

an attempt to organize ideas, but writing may lack connections.  The writing

may show limited vocabulary and/or simple sentences structure, but surface

errors may make understanding difficult.


1 Emerging

Writing shows minimal focus on topic or is too limited in

length.  The writing shows little direction or organization.  Vocabulary is

limited and sentences are simple.  Minimal control of surface features

(spelling, grammar, punctuation) makes understanding difficult.