4 Mature

The writing is clearly focused, well-developed, and captures the

reader's attention.  The writing has a sense of wholeness (beginning,

middle, and end); the organization helps move the reader through the text.

Author's personality engages the reader and/or evokes emotion.  The

writing shows accuracy in spelling and mechanics and creative/skillful use of language with few errors. 


3 Capable

The writing is focused on a topic and developed throughout with

details /examples.  The writing has a sense of wholeness (beginning,

middle, end) although it may lack details or have extra information.  Author's personality comes through in the writing as shown by use of

descriptive words or variety of sentences.  Errors in spelling and/or

mechanics do not interfere with understanding.


2 Developing

The topic is recognizable but may not be developed.  There is an

attempt at organization, but the writing may lack details or connections.

The writing may show limited vocabulary and/or simple sentence structure.

Errors in spelling, mechanics, and/or the use of language may interfere

with understanding.


1 Emerging

The writing shows little focus on topic or may not be developed,

but an ability to get meaningful words down on paper may be

demonstrated.  The writing lacks a beginning, middle, or end.  Vocabulary is

limited; sentences are simple.  Errors in spelling, mechanics, and use of language interfere with understanding.