Download HereDownload and Save the Hillsborough Squares PowerPoint Game file ( created by Mark E. Damon.  (All of Mark's PowerPoint games can be downloaded at
Game Setup:
1.  After downloading, unzip the file.
2.  Setup the sound.
By clicking the link above you will download a zipped PowerPoint Game and the accompanying sound file called background.mid.  You will need to relink the sound file to the presentation as a background sound using the following steps:
1.Click Insert...Movie and Sounds...sounds from file and select the music file.
2. Select the speaker icon and click Slide Show from the top menu line.
3. Choose Custon Animation.
4.  Click the Play Settings Tab.
5.  Check Play using animation order...While playing Continue Slide show...Stop Playing and select the number showing the last slide in the show.
6. Check hide while not the more options button.
7. Check loop until stopped and click OK in that window.  Then click OK in the next window.  That will do it!
3.  How to Play the Game:


Hillsborough Squares


If you are unfamiliar with the game show, the purpose of this program is to answer questions correctly to form 3 X's or O's across, up and down, or diagonally.  This program is excellent for classroom instruction because you can have 1 or 2 students take up each square and also have 2 contestants.  This allows for up to 20 participants at a time.

How to Play

When you reach the opening screen with the names, you must click your mouse each time you want a new name or caricature to appear.  Then, after all caricatures have appeared, click again for the main game screen.  Have one to two students in pretend to be in each square.  One of the two contestants picks their first square.  Let's say Susie goes first and she is X.  She chooses square 5.  You must click on the person in the square in order to go to the question for slide 5.  After clicking on the person, the question for that square appears.

Let's say the question is "What word rhymes with bash?"

The person who you have assigned to the middle square then has to answer (or bluff) to that question.

Let's say that Johnny is square 5 and says "ash".

Susie then has to agree or disagree with Johnny's answer.  After she has made her decision, you click the mouse again and the correct answer appears.  Click on the menu arrow to return to the main game board.  If Susie agreed with Johnny, she was wrong.  Therefore, you would put an "O" in the black box in square 5 by clicking in the black box and typing and uppercase "O".  If Susie disagreed with Johnny, you would put an "X" in the black box in square 5.  Alternate contestants until someone has made 3 in a row.  When that has happened, you can type in a "1" in their scoreboard section by clicking in the black box and entering the "1".  If you aren't familiar with adding more slides to the presentation, you can now click on the "Click here if X wins" button to go to the winning slide.  If you want more than one game, you can either copy additional slides, or just create multiple presentations.

*****NOTE:  Once you enter the "X" and "O" into the game board, you must go back and delete them from within the presentation.  If you do not clear off the game board before exiting, they will be saved as part of the presentation!

For additional copies, please send $5 with the e-mail address you want the program sent on the memo line to:

Mark E. Damon
409 Silver Court
Hamilton, NJ  08690

Any further questions, please e-mail