Self-Selected Reading
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Rubric for Oral Retelling of Plot Summary Pretest Deadlines
Kindergarten DIBELS K Scott-Foresman
Grade 1 DIBELS

Grade 1 Scott-Foresman

Grade 2 DIBELS Grade 2 Scott-Foresman
Grade 3 DIBELS Grade 3 Scott-Foresman
Grade 4 DIBELS Grade 4 Scott-Foresman
Grade 5 DIBELS Grade 5 Scott-Foresman
Running Records Grade 1 Running Records Grade 2
Running Records Grade 3 Running Records Grade 4
Running Records Grade 5 A Guide to Discovering Student Reading Level
 Five Finger Rule by Pam Morris

Children's Authors on the Web

Book Characteristics is a guideline to help teachers choose an assortment. of books for different reading levels. Suggested Trade Books for the SSR Block can be used for teacher read alouds or placed in student book baskets.
Getting Jazzy with Genre
Conference Signs:
Suggested Literature Extensions from Saxon Phonics Grade 1 for  SSR Block
Teacher Question Cards for narrative and expository text that can be used during SSR Conferences (all grade levels) 
5 Finger Rule Cue Card Set Cue cards can be run off, cut out, glued on colored papaer, laminated, and used as a handy bookmark.  Teacher will need to model this to help students independently choose books that are appropriate for them.  This set helps student choose a book that is "just right for me." Time to Share in the Share Chair during a Block Party in Ms. Bales second grade at Jefferson Elementary
Teacher's Self-Selected Reading Log
Leveling Books

"When I Get Stuck On A Word in A Book"
A helpful poem to send home for parents who often ask:
"How can I help my child learn to read?"

Self-Selected Conference Record
Conferencing for Story Elements
Bookmarks for Students
Help with Leveling Books
Books with Specific Characteristics
To Use For SSR
Reading Superstar
Contributed by Nancy Lindsey 
Developing Reading Fluency 
from The Reading Genie
Interest Inventory
Discover the types of books your students are interested in reading.
Book-Worm is a free data base for teachers to help them level books.
Four Block for the Upper Grades 
Multidimensional Fluency Scale
Pairing Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

Self-Selected Reading and Technology

Through self-selected reading activities children are given opportunities to become lifelong readers through teacher aloud reading sessions and reading books on their own level independently.

Through the use of the Internet, teachers can provide their students a variety of multi-level materials. An affluence of all types of text including information on countries, maps, children news sites and magazine articles are in cyberspace just waiting to be employed.Material appropriate to all reading levels can be found online.A collection of bookmarks can be developed and saved on a disk to be imported for student use.An online resource, TrackStar, provides teachers a means of creating a simple web page of links by topics for the guided reading activity.

Clipart can be used for Picture Walks in which the teacher motivates the student’s observations, connections, and predictions and relates new vocabulary. 

Group sharing could also be enhanced through the use of the word processor in the development of a paragraph in which the student responds to what they have read.This outline can be found online ( 

Web Resources for Guided and Self-Selected Reading:

·First Grade Bookmarks (choose either .pdf file or Word format)

·Narrative Bookmarks (.pdf file)
·Expository Bookmarks (.pdf file)
·Guided Reading Checklist,
·Reading Conference Log,
·Themes and Book Ideas for Primary Grades
·Guided Reading Lesson Plan, Mr. Wishy Washy,
·Online Children’s Stories,
·Children’s Books and Folktales,
·Tell Me A Story,
·Folklore and Mythology,
·Folk and Fairy Tales,
Best Stories,
·TrackStar, (Create your own web page of links!)
·Shared Reading,

Teacher Resource for Guided and Shared Reading,


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