Strategy Focus for Teacher Remediation
(Based on error analysis of running records)
eaning: "You said ________________. Does that make sense?"
"What is another word that would make sense here?"
"Check the picture."
"Think about the story. Re-read and take a guess."
tructure:  "You said _______________. Does that sound right?"
"Can you say that another way?"
"What is another word that may fit here?"
isual:      "You said ______, say ______ slowly. 
What do you hear at the beginning of  _______? Does _____ start with _____?
No, so it can't be ________."
" You said _______. Something does not look right. Try that again."
"You almost got that page right. There is something wrong with this line. See if you can find what is wrong."
"There is a tricky part here. Can you find it?'
"Could that be______?"
"Take a closer look at_____________."
"How did you know this word was________?"
"Does this look like a word that you have seen before?"
"Is there a word on the Word Wall that could help you out here?" 
Adapted from Innovative Educators 2/96.


Running Records

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