Working With Words

Grades 1-3

"Why Can't I Skip My Twenty Minutes of Reading Tonight?" 

PowerPoint Word Wall Vocabulary Presentations

Word Wall Presentation Word Wall Presentation Word Wall Presentation
High Frequency Words Part 1
Guess the
High Frequency Words Part 2
Guess the
2nd Grade Word Wall
Bust the Bank
These Words Bug Me!
Primer, a-c
Colorful Words
Primer, d-n
Surfing With Words
Primer, o-w
Festive Words
First Grade Sight Words Part
Western Word Round-Up
First Grade Sight Words Part
Words of Wonder
First Grade Sight Words Part
Fourth Grade Vocabulary Unit 1 Millionaire Phonics Millionaire

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Words and Technology

The goal of working with words is to provide children opportunities spelling and reading words through activities that build phonemic awareness and application of phonetic skills. There are many programs that state they teach phonetic skills. However any approach that presents the skill in isolation will not be successful because it allows little or no transfer.Several Interactive Books are available as computer software for children. This type of software presents popular pieces of childrenís literature. The text is read to the children by the computer and hot spots (playthings) are hidden through out the screen.These programs are basically entertainment, providing limited vocabulary or phonemic enrichment.

Since the manipulation of letters is so important in the Words Block, technology can provide the teacher the materials and resources that can be downloaded to their classroom computer.

Multimedia vocabulary cards can be created through PowerPoint or Hyperstudio.The teacher could record a sound file by reading the word and a sentence with the word that is then inserted in the appropriate slide.

The activities in the working with words section allow a teacher to observe, teach, mentor, and evaluate children in spelling and reading words in a manner that is both timely and efficient. These activities are multi-level and whole group. Presently, more practice, instruction, and assessment can be done using the activities described in Four Blocks materials than any one or two programs can provide.

Web Resources for the Word Block:

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