My BEST Science Activity


Title: Biome Box

Grade Level: 5th


1) Identify what plants need

2) Study Relationships among plants and animals within an ecosystem/biome.





Materials:Books on various Biomes (desert, forest, pond, river, backyard)

                Construction paper

                Glue                                     Paint

                Tape                                    Brushes


                Shoe box


Students find a biome that they wish to study. They can search the web to find out information, use the textbook as an initial source, or you may bring books in from the library for students to research.


Once students have researched their biome and understand the different plants and animals that live there, they will begin construction of their Biome Box.


The top lid of the box will have a typed report about the make-up of the particular biome (name of the biome, weather/climate, plants and animals that live there, various food chains, characteristics, Human interaction and protection)


The inside of the lid will depict on example of a food chain from the biome


The inside of the box where the shoes would have been placed is where the students create the biome. Material from the outdoors may be used.  Rubber cement may be applied with sand sprinkled on top. Grass, leaves, rocks and branches may be applied with a hot glue gun. Blue construction can be cut in the shape of a river, pond, or stream and applied to the project. Small packs of plastic animals can be purchased at stores, or pictures of these animals can be cut out of magazines or downloaded from the internet. Students show that even in the biome each plant and animal has their own niche.


I like to give students one class period to work on their research and to guide them in the right direction. Students can take their project home to work on it or use their spare time at school.


Students enjoy presenting their project to their fellow students and putting their projects on display for the entire school.