My BEST Science Activity


Title: Animal Adaptations

Grade Level: 4th grade

Objective:  The learner will understand that animals have certain characteristics that help it survive in its environment.




Students will need:

          Large sheet of drawing paper

          Crayons or coloring pencils

          Alternative:  Paper mache’ or modeling clay


Following lessons that teach about animal adaptations, students will complete an art project to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts taught.  ( has lesson plans, animal drawings, poems, and stories.) 

Students will draw, label, and name an animal that they have “invented”.  (Students may also build the animal if art supplies are available, or combine animal characteristics at and print their work.)

The animal will be made up of at least three different animal adaptations.   Students will combine the three (or more) parts to develop an original animal.  The student must be able to explain how each of the adaptations helps the animal to protect itself, find food, or survive in its environment.  All combinations of animal adaptations or characteristics are acceptable.  Each student will present his/her animal to the class.