My BEST Science Activity


Title:  Hard Working Stems (Observation of how stems support a plant by providing water and nutrients)

Grade Level: 3

Objective:  the learner obtain an understanding of how stems support a plant.



Describe the activity below.


Materials:  cups, celery, and red food coloring.


Each student is provided a stalk of celery and a cup of water with red food coloring.  The celery is placed in the cup. Each day, the children are allowed to observe how much water has entered the celery; it is very exciting for them to see the process take place.  Each student logs what they observe each day.    Because the stem has tiny tubes which transport nutrients to the entire plant, the red die will eventually color the leaves of the celery stalk.  Each student’s stalk is broken open so they can actually see the “veins” of the plant.  At the end of this activity, the students have an obvious understanding of how stems support plants by transporting water and nutrients.

Resource: Discover Science by Scott Foresman, 1991.