My BEST Science Activity


Title: Observing Electric Charges

Grade Level: 4

Objective: Students will explore and build background information about the concept of creating an electric charge. 



     To introduce to students that electricity can be fun and exciting, this activity makes a small amount of electricity.  The students actually create and can manipulate electric charges.

     Students tear a sheet of paper into about ten tiny pieces.  The tiny sheets of paper should be put on a piece of colored paper.  Small amounts of salt and pepper will be sprinkled on the colored paper.  The comb should be moved near the pieces of paper, salt and pepper.  The students will observe that nothing happens. 

     Then the students will slowly move a comb back and forth a few times on a piece of wool cloth.  The comb will be slowly moved toward the tiny pieces of paper, salt, and pepper.  The students will then observe that the comb picks up pieces of paper and causes the salt and pepper to jump around. 

     This activity goes along with Scott Foresman’s Discover Science 1991 textbook and the unit of “Electricity and Magnetism.” 

     The lesson then continues to explain how an electric charge builds with vocabulary and the lesson in the text.